Monday, November 20, 2006

have been just talking like two housewives the past couple of days. A real cool guy, outspoken and smart, and has a brain that I imagine to be too huge for most humans.
Here's one question from my essay/interview surrounding the Journey Escape video game. Todd, I might remind my readers, set a record marathoning the game, clocking in at 86 hours.
Is there a training regimen involved? I imagine you don’t eat Mexican food with plenty of jalapeno pepper the night before a big marathon.
Well, I’m an insomniac, so that helps. I actually hate Mexican food gives me the runs and besides id fart flames for a week with that shit. I like pizza and/or seafood, and I can eat anything with curry but food with an acidic base sometimes give me heart burn. I don’t do anything special. I drink liquid that’s air temperature, and fruit. I don’t feel like making mud in the middle of a game.
...and here's another excerpt