Monday, September 11, 2006

FengShui Fall Out "December 2005: You will be called on to be responsible this month. If you are given a task where you are put in charge, use this opportunity to show you can indeed be in charge."According to a fengshui horoscope book (by a famous author) of my horoscope last month.
I have now been bestowed the random honour of being the class's finance representative and assistant group leader of some lousy project group of mine.
In both cases, the allotment of leadership positions were done by drawing lots.
I don't believe in horoscopes unless they portend good things coming my way. My theory is that if one believes that good things are going to happen to him, it infiltrates his subconscience and one will somehow start attracting them into one's life. Not by merely sitting there and watching TV, of course.
Ever since school started, I have never been on time for finance class. Some kind of "leader" I am huh? Ha ha No really, I know I am a leader inside. It's just that I'm too insecure to show it on the outside.And that's proving to be a very unfortunate impediment!


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